We're going to start running vote.org banner ads on the free version of Twitterrific. Cuz people should vote.

People with the paid version of Twitterrific should vote, too, but it's harder to justify tossing up a banner when they explicitly paid to not get banners. 😛

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@bigzaphod Might be too much extra work, but as a Canadian I always get a little stressed when I'm reminded to vote in US elections. Because I sure would if I could, you guys collectively seem to make such terrible decisions on your own. :)

@tewha @bigzaphod Spicy Take Alert! This year I claimed my US citizenship at onerous expense, got dehumanized and misgendered in multiple US government offices, and consequently committed myself to a lifetime of filing taxes in two countries specifically so I could vote in the US. Anyone who's already a US citizen and is too lazy to vote is the moral equivalent of a stepped-on ketchup packet.

@aquinton @bigzaphod I agree with all of that, and I guess it's a good reason to push US Vote into Canada. Though maybe not the strongest reason; anyone who lives here and is going out of their way to keep their ability to vote is probably going to do so. :)

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