@tewha Who the hell keeps the system profiler on their dock, Steve?!

@joshuanozzi I have a problem with quitting apps.

Which is to say I have no problem, I just don't do it.

@tewha I could be that lazy these days with 64GB of RAM, but I’m still very hygienic with my desktop environment. 🤗

@joshuanozzi I've only got 16, but macOS does a really good job of swapping shit out.

I'm sure it would be a lot worse if the compiler didn't quit after running. :)

@tewha Right - Xcode’s occasional stroke notwithstanding, it does a good job. I have to keep a 10.9 VMWare instance around. I also use an 8GB “RAM disk” for the DerivedData folder, which I don’t persist (so it’s reset every reboot). That “solves” a few issues (speeds things up and keeps the module cache fresh by destroying it regularly, rebuilding is very fast on my system).

@joshuanozzi I used to have a keyboard shortcut key for force quitting Xcode, deleting derived data and relaunching.

@tewha Why is your cat studying up on vat-grown meat, Steven?!

@mdhughes I was wondering that myself! I guess maybe it's easier to hunt?

@tewha seriously. You've got way too much shit in your Dock.

@mdhughes @der_Jeff Ah, that explains the confusion. I forgot this setting existed. Since I don't have anything on the dock that isn't running, I don't care about running indicators.

@tewha @der_Jeff The Dock is my fast launcher, I can't imagine needing that many running apps!

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