Is anyone here colourblind, or know someone who is? I'm working on some alternate palette options for @krasten, and it'd be really super helpful if I could get some feedback on the colour choices from colourblind folks (preferably all three main types).

@gc iOS has filters for colour-blindness, but I think they're actually there to COMPENSATE for it rather than simulate it!

@tewha Oh, that's the plan here too; I want to make alternate colour palettes to make the important colours of the game easily distinguishable for people who are colourblind. :) I've got some basic ideas hashed out based on what I've found online, but I figure some first-hand feedback would be helpful.


@gc Yeah, I boosted you hoping you'd find some. I think it's sad that in 2018 we still don't have great tools to simulate this (seems like it should be as simple as filter/layer), but even if we did real people would be useful! :)

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