😮 @JPEG is at it again with another update for #Mast - definitely getting our monies worth out of this app. Be sure to give him some love!

@Admin Maybe, but not thought it through yet or tried anything.


@JPEG I doubt tvOS would be worth it in any sense but your own fun. :) / @Admin

@tewha @JPEG probably not, but it would be fun to just leave the timelines steaming on a tv lol

@Admin @tewha A very niche market, but nice to have one day!

@JPEG @Admin Fun is a perfectly reasonable reason to do something. Ask the PCalc guy. :)

@tewha @Admin His app is a game with the bonus of also being a calculator!

@tewha @Admin Very true, it’d be something I’d do once I’ve ran out of ideas haha.

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