This is a fraction of what I've been receiving the past few days/weeks through the App Store and email. It sucks, and it's impacting sales massively (to the point where it makes me question whether continued support is even worth it), but just got to hold it out.

@JPEG all the work you put into Mast is greatly appreciated. Really sorry to hear you’re being given such a hard time for something like this. Fuck nazis and thank you.

@danvpeterson Thank you, I want to separate the app from politics, but it seems to be intertwined right now.


@JPEG @danvpeterson If it's what it takes, feel free to make the next version a new, paid app. I'll gladly pay again.

@tewha @danvpeterson I feel like that would be unfair on users, I’ll leave it as it is, but thank you!

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