I'd put money on this not working out the way my wife hopes.

Btw, I wrote a longer-than-usual caption on that photo.

@tewha Our tree has been permanently retired while Pixel is on the case. AFAICT you're about to understand the reason why. 😁

@craigmaloney We didn't even try last year, but the year before we learned not to put up a tree.

We're hoping he's lazier this year.

Hey, maybe you could hang treats in the tree. On second thought... 😄

@tewha If and when: The cat is innocent. Free the feline one. etc.

@soundandfury Well, there's no such thing as punitive measures for a cat.

(Though he seems to believe they exist every time he bites me for my attention and I stand up.)

I've only had one cat, now 16-year old. I was clueless in the beginning, and tried punitive measures which were of course totally ineffective. I learned to live with a few messes now and then. He drives me bonkers sometimes, but I can't stay mad for long! 😄😻

Your tuxedoed cat is gorgeous!

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