A programmer implements a bar. The tester goes in and orders a beer, orders zero beers, orders 999999999 beers, orders -1 beers, orders a lizard, and declares the bar ready for release.

The first customer comes in and asks to use the restroom.

The bar catches fire and burns down.

@djsundog Try running the code on a Thuday* for extra fun.

*-Not a typo.

@querdenker It's an old joke but I hadn't heard it in years. Glad I reconstructed it close enough. :)

@tewha It's so true. Very much this "works for me", that one hears from DEV and QA, when you're reporting an error.

Will pass it to some of our devs and QAs tomorrow.

@querdenker Cheers. It might actually open some eyes in testers/developers.

One thing I believe strongly in is that a developer should be handing over code that he or she thinks works. None of this "over the fence" shit. There's no bonus to making testers find bugs you already know about. :)

@querdenker (Which isn't the same as the developer saying "this doesn't work, but you can test other things.")

@querdenker First one that popped up was "architecture review" and I'm sold.

@tewha The author is a former coworker of mine, although we never had met. Different countries - he is from Switzerland, I'm from Germany - and different department - he was in QA, I'm a Citrix Admin and 3rd-Level Tech Support guy.

He was very well known for finding such errors as in your joke. And also known for asking questions that noone wants to hear.

@tewha An infinite number of mathematicians enter a bar. The first orders a beer, the scond ½ a beer, the third ¼ of a beer, the fourth ⅛ of a beer and so on, each mathematician ordering a beer ½ the size as the last one served.

“Bugger this,” says the barman and pours two beers.

@tewha Our hubris was our undoing. We were never meant to toy with the beauty of creation.

@tewha the next customer comes in, orders '' and becomes owner of the bar.

@zens That’s good. They can clean up the ashes. :-)

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