A programmer implements a bar. The tester goes in and orders a beer, orders zero beers, orders 999999999 beers, orders -1 beers, orders a lizard, and declares the bar ready for release.

The first customer comes in and asks to use the restroom.

The bar catches fire and burns down.

@djsundog Try running the code on a Thuday* for extra fun.

*-Not a typo.

@tewha An infinite number of mathematicians enter a bar. The first orders a beer, the scond ½ a beer, the third ¼ of a beer, the fourth ⅛ of a beer and so on, each mathematician ordering a beer ½ the size as the last one served.

“Bugger this,” says the barman and pours two beers.

@tewha Our hubris was our undoing. We were never meant to toy with the beauty of creation.

@tewha the next customer comes in, orders '' and becomes owner of the bar.

@zens That’s good. They can clean up the ashes. :-)

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