Dear web developers,
Please stop doing hierarchal menus on web pages.
You suck at it. I've never seen a single one of you implement diagonal mouse moment.
Love, Steve

@tewha I actually started building Raskin-style diagonal detection once but the PM told me to not bother and add a delay instead. Said no one would notice or care… thank you for caring!

@booc0mtaco I wasn’t sure I’d described it well until you said “Raskin.” Then I know I’d nailed it. 😀

@tewha @baldur I have implemented that back in the early 2000s. It’s tricky, but it can be done.

The problem is that the client never even noticed, and I only got away with that extra time spent because I was working for a giant agency and we were on a yearly retainer, so no hourly billing.

It’s the kind of UI problem that is often neglected during design, since clients sign off on static layouts and usability is rarely discussed as a billable item with clients.

@tewha I thought that it was _my_ skill deficit in scrolling, not a design problem.

@PeterWyrm It's a design flaw for sure. Early Inside Mac from Apple had a diagram explaining this, but I don't think Apple follows it very well these days either. Looked something like this, though I'm probably being more generous than they were. Idea was if you kept moving within that triangle the menu would stay open.

@tewha Quick test: it appears to work on macOS menus, so I have probably noticed the problem on some websites. I shall henceforth provide polite feedback to the webmasters! 🦸

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