It took me a while to reach the point with him where I can do this.

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I used the vacuum a lot around him.

I think he started getting comfortable with it when I started using it to remove his hair from the shedding glove. He would get nice and relaxed from the brushing, then I'd vacuum the hair off the glove (on the opposite side of me) quickly enough that he didn't really come out of his brushing afterglow.

Later, I used the long extension tube and brought the business end close to him while brushing without touching him.

And here we are.

@tewha ph my god please tell me your method because i have that exact type of vacuum and my cat is absolutely terrified of it

@foervraengd LOW POWER for sure, but I'm sure you figured that part out. 😀 You might have reached a point of no return if yours is terrified, but I just used it near him a lot on both power settings and got it closer and closer on low over months. I realized I was getting pretty close when I was able to vacuum the couch near him.

@tewha my cat flees downstairs and hides under the sofa and wont come out until its been quiet for 30 minutes, so maybe its too late for me. but i will def keep in mind if i get another cat :p

@foervraengd Yeah, sounds like it's probably too late. ☹️ But my only suggestion is lots of non-threatening exposure if you can get it.

@foervraengd I think if I kept working on Sylvester at this point he'd leave, so I'm still trying to do short exposures to get him comfortable. That was the second vacuuming in a minute (my wife came out and I asked her to record, so I started again) and he's getting a bit squirrelly there.

@foervraengd I just realized: a lot of it was probably me using the shedding glove on him and then vacuuming it on low on the opposite side of me but still "near" him. It's a real PITA to peel that hair out.

@tewha yeah i think that i maybe should just vacuum more often and just have it out and visible for her to keep an eye on. Lamy sheds so much and most of it ends up on the carpet

@tewha my tux runs for the basement when I bring the vacuum out of the closet

@Jorah You should explain to him/her that it's better than dry cleaning. 😀

@tewha My cats would kill me and use my corpse as a play toy if I did that to them. 🤣

@tewha i used to know a cat who loved this. He wouldn't let you vacuum until you took the power head off and vacuumed him with the tube a few times

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