It is soft. It is fluffy. It is forbidden. But he is asleep.

@tewha it’s a shame, because the belly is the best part to pet.

@RL_Dane Sylvester loves chest rubs. Belly rubs are tolerated.


No, it's pronounced Peeshee. Actually, it's not my cat's name, but rather it's the Turkish word for cat. The word has popular use in a lot of places, but not so widespread among English speakers just yet.

My cat's name is Hobbes, but he came up with his own name, so everyone just calls him that instead. 😅

@RL_Dane That all makes sense but I might call a future cat Pfishi (with a silent P and an F) anyway. 😀

@RL_Dane that took me several google searches thanks to being mobile, but I finally got it!

But I think I’ll have some mercy on the vet.

@tewha Soon after this photo was taken, Steve tragically lost his hand.

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