I'd like to think Norm Macdonald is telling a shaggy dog story to St. Peter right now.

Raising Hope 

“C’est la vie.”
“La vie!”

macOS Monterey thus far has terrible 72dpi UI artwork.

@cn Maybe. I haven't heard Ed's natural voice in a while. Was he doing Carl straight?

Disney+ has a sequel of sorts to Up: Dug Days. It's a series of shorts following Carl & Dug in their new home.

High literature it isn't, of course, but at the same time it's delightful.

Ed Asner returns as Carl, and Bob Peterson returns as the writer/director/Dug.

(I assume the show won't be returning, since it's unlikely they can replace Asner.)

Raising Hope: The scene where Jimmy gets his nipple caught in the crib is one of the funniest and cringiest things I’ve seen.

Also, it must be tough for Jackson to act surprised every time his basic advice works.

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Watched the My Cat from Hell episode “Macho Cat” and holy hell I hate the boyfriend’s attitude. I hope he’s learned something since.

It’s funny how often the cat’s dysfunction mirrors the owner’s.


@cn They were millions of ants in my dream. That’s a trauma. There’s no better word. 😄

I’m up early because my last dream contained an entire trauma of ants.

And ants generally don’t bother me.

“I’m so fucking pissed!” said Kid Rock after a cancelled Kid Rock concert.

Jurassic Park Fenton remix 

Of course I've seen the original, but I'd never seen the remix…

fenton! fen-TON! FENTON!

for a while all of my job offers came from Facebook, predatory gaming and exploitive pornography.

I wasn't ready to sell what remains of my soul and work for Facebook, though.

My kid is playing the Mario for Switch and it sounds like there's a 12 foot bird hunched over in his bedroom chittering away to itself.

Ted Lasso S02E06 profanity 


Remember when the CEO of Reddit passionately defended a COVID-19 misinformation sub's freedom of speech in a post locked against comments? That sub's been banned now.

@cn Yes. He was expecting it to match advertised length. It wasn’t.

He could probably get a refund from Amazon.

@feorlen Yeah, it’d be useful inside a box with components fixed in place.

(He was expecting a 6" *cable*, with the connectors adding to the total length.)

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