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Loki e5 

I’m partway through the episode (Lokigator just ate President Loki’s hand) and it occurs to me I’m going to be very disappointed if the big antagonist is not a Loki. But don’t spoil it for me!

1. Start BBQ. Ugh. I think I need a new battery.
2. Preheat BBQ for five minutes.
4. Notice I forgot to set the timer for cooking the beef. When did I put it on? Start timing from then, but not using my timer.
5. Oops! It’s been much too long, better flip the beef.

“In 1524, a venerated statue of the Virgin Mary in the Cathedral was denounced as a witch, and given a trial by water in the Daugava or Dvina River. The statue floated, so it was denounced as a witch and burnt at Kubsberg.”

If I ever get a dog I’m calling him Achilles.

Children are like barely trainable pets they can learn to talk back.

Pets are better.

I don’t remember what it was like to wear clothing that didn’t stick to me via sweat.

(2/2) Remember the coffee pot? He also brings it back full of water and soap. He puts it near the tank.

Now all he has to do is wait.

The manager comes and dumps the coffee pot of water in to fill the tank. Instantly, the pump starts to generate bubbles. Bubbles fill the tank. Bubbles overflow the tank. Bubbles float through the air.

My brother has to clean the mess (as it should be) but loved every moment.

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My brother told me about a great prank he more or less got his manager to play on himself.

They have a fly tank that demonstrates how a fishing fly moves in water using turbulence from a pump. They have to clean it often.

They also clean the coffee pot often.

So my brother empties the tank, then takes it to the break room to clean it. He returns it, sets it up with much less water, and plugs it in.


The kids are so well written in Home Before Dark. Even the one that handles the comic relief.

I’m not very impressed with iOS 14.6.

"Here are the top _ things announced for _! I've only got 90 seconds to cover them, but first I'll spend 120 seconds begging you to like this video, subscribe, and like me on Facebook!"

Huh. My wife suddenly has Jay Leno chin. Trying to convince her to take some Benadryl and hoping this doesn't end up with a hospital trip.

(There's no visible bite.)

Sitting on deck with Sylvester on retractable leash. I had to go inside and didn't want to take him in with me, so I put it through the door.

When I opened the door to return, the handle pulled itself towards Sylvester. Who calmly watched it attack him… bonk.

No shits given.

An old high school friend is describing her preschool daughter telling a story to their cat. In the middle of it, she pops back a topic by saying "…but I digress."

Haha, wonderful stuff.

This photo is from 2019 but I STILL laugh every time I see it.

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This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You've really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare

My wife wanted me to take a picture of this dress. It's not a good fit for her.

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@RobinHood this is the first step towards a future like in The Matrix, but with hog crankin

Self portrait, squinting eye contact 

Sylvester is pretty cool with hanging out on the deck in a crate as long as I’m with him.

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