Hard at work in my new role (unpaid) as a puppy cushion.

Prepare for puppy pics. The weather has improved, got a friend staying, along with her two dogs, so outings have occurred.

Puppy growing - getting a bit big for my shoulder now.

Little update on the puppy (aka the Hellhound). She's still super cute & hard work, but at least she can go walkies now.

I forgot to post this here, for those of you whom I don't interact with elsewhere. A new family member:

@emery I know! This year has got much better in the last few months. Considering I was off sick for 6 weeks after a breakdown i April/May, I am now no longer doing a job that was stressing me out and soon I will have a little mini Schnauzer friend. Big smile on my face today.

Going to see my puppy-to-be on Friday. Just a bit excited, got confirmation this morning that there is a little girl available for me. ❤️❤️

@radioactive A most evil disease. In my experience it just gets worse and worse. Such a struggle to keep going on the bad days. xx

@feorlen Yeah. Within a couple of days of putting my late father's house on the market letters addressed to him from removals firms started arriving. I was not amused.


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