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Mastodon x appdot.net = fun?This is a place for former ADN users - on the whole.

Do not feel like this is just a space for former ADN users, we're very happy for you to invite anyone you think would fit in nicely here!


  • Please play nicely! This is a safe space.
  • Please use discretion when posting certain forms of content - tag any questionable content. If you're not sure, tag it anyway.
  • Please put your pronouns in your profile, if you want!
  • Please make sure you use pronouns listed on a user's profile, or neutral pronouns if you do not know their pronouns.


  • Hate speech (any form of discrimination, harassment, incitement, etc.) will result in an immediate suspension
  • Content which would be illegal to possess or distribute in the European Union is strictly prohibited, and will result in an immediate suspension
  • Any nudity, gore, violent or sexually explicit content must be tagged - otherwise you will be silenced for 1 week (repeat offenders will be suspended)


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The admin of this instance is @emery. Contact them if you have any questions or requests. It is hosted in the European Union (London, UK).

Blocked Content

Some servers, bots and users are blocked. If you would like to know this list, please get in touch with the admin via the email shown on this screen.